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Helping You Achieve a Simple Life

In a world where you don’t know if you’re coming or going, where everyone is in a rush to get some place or another and where you’re constantly juggling two or more tasks at any given time, it’s easy to wonder, what’s the point? What am I getting out of this? Am I stressing myself out unnecessarily and what for?

In a society where it’s considered the norm to be going here there and everywhere, trying to achieve as many things as possible and go above and beyond what everyone else is doing we often overlook how meaningful life can be and how sometimes, it’s the little things that count. By stripping back to basics and having a simple life, that doesn’t mean going without what you need or not being able to do the things you want to do. It simply means owning less possession, de-cluttering your life and your mind. Having less commitments and less distractions in order to live simply, peacefully and happily.

You can adapt simplicity in every aspect of your life. Home, social and work. But whatever area you want to try and simplify – it generally requires the same concept all around. In work and business, it’s easy to get caught up in not what you’re doing, but what everyone else is doing as well. Always trying to do the latest project, own the latest technology, getting a promotion or a raise or challenging yourself and others.

Although this may work for some, and it does, for most of us, we don’t realise how damaging and stressful it can be until we’re already caught up in the middle of it. In business, there are simple things you can do to strip back and enjoy your work in the simplest form.

messy deskStart by de-cluttering your work space which in turn will offer less distractions throughout the day. Clean up your desk, throw out any papers you no longer need or if you work from home, clean out your office. Work on less projects so that you can focus all your attention on one and do that one well and focus on the work that will broaden your career rather that meaningless jobs just to get you through the day. Eliminate all forms of social media, news and communication distractions so you can focus on one thing and one thing only – your work.

In life in general, we can often get caught up in everything and everyone and have no time to really focus on us and what we want. Transitioning into a simple life will take time and patience and won’t happen over night because of all the physical and mental clutter we accumulate over time. You can get started by learning that you can say ‘no’ to people. By saying ‘yes’ to everyone and everything, you risk starting tasks that are more important to everyone else than they are to you. You can also teach yourself that it’s okay to do less during the day. Often, if you’re busy, people will see you as productive but productivity doesn’t come with everyday meaningless tasks just to fill up time. It comes with doing less, but doing it well.

Take your time to focus and breathe rather than being in a race against time to get everything done in a day.