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Add Simplicity to Your Life

Life can be hectic, but it can be worthwhile if you spend your time wisely. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to balance our work with our personal life. We become unbalanced and out of focus and lose sight on what it means to actually live and not just go through the motions. The key to creating lasting balance lies in simplifying your life. There are many ways you can add simplicity to your life.

How to add simplicity to your life?

Start by fulfilling a cliche
The easiest way to add simplicity to your life is to live a cliche. This might sound strange, but when was the last time you smelled the roses or walked in a park? These can be relaxing ways to live a simple life. You do not have to channel Paris Hilton and go live on a farm. A simple life means that you are appreciating life by taking a moments to really enjoy your surroundings.

Determine Your Priorities
One way to simplify your life is to create a list of priorities. Do not over think this list. Just go with your gut. What is most important to you in your life? Is it your spouse, your job, spending time with your kids? Everything that does not make it onto that list should be eliminated for your life. It’s not enhancing your life. It is only cluttering it.

How to add simplicity through your kids?
If you have kids you can add simplicity to your life, by simplify their lives. For example, if you have children, do not push them to do every extracurricular activity available. It’s not good for them, because they are stretching themselves a little thin. Focus on one or two activities that they love. This will help your schedule and allow them master one or two activities instead of being passable at many. They will have time to focus on their school work, socialize and be active. They will not feel overwhelmed, and as a result, you won’t either.

When you try to add simplicity to your life, you have to accept that you are not superhuman. You cannot be everything to everyone. Accepting that can make your life more simple. Focus on whats important and do not indulge in thoughts that will make your overwhelm you. Take life one day at a time. It might be hard to enjoy the quiet times, but in the end, you will be thankful you have partaken in a journey that offers you a simple life at the end.