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Achieving Simplicity in Life and Work

Removing unnecessary complications and excess stress is the best way for anyone to achieve a life that is fulfilling and enjoyable. The goal is to achieve simplicity in both life and business, which will give you a less hectic lifestyle. Achieving a simple life allows you to focus on more important things. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Disconnect for Short Periods

The use of technology today means people are online all the time. This will include checking social media to reading through messages that are sitting in the inbox. The integration of technology in our lives has led to a loss of focus. People today are too distracted with text messages, alerts, and notifications that have their focus pulled in various directions. Technology that was supposed to make our lives be a lot more simple is doing the opposite. The best thing to do is block off a part of a day as a break from technology. This can include going for a walk or just listening to music during a lunch hour.

Prioritize Your Commitments

Everything that occurs during the day is not necessarily top priority. Simplicity is achieved by taking a look at commitments and concentrating on the most important. If you try to finish every task, then you might eventually burn out. One thing to do is organize email messages by importance. This will mean sorting the messages that can wait for tomorrow and the messages that need an answer today. Anyone who is seen as the “go-to” person likely has a lot on their plate to keep organized.

Schedule Your Time Wisely

Many people who are blending their work life and home life often have scheduling conflicts. These are never a good thing as people need to have separation from work and home. The best solution is to have a work calendar and personal calendar. This allows you to schedule events and any activities that can be separated from work and home. However, a calendar also allows you to schedule part of the day to work activities and the remainder to family or personal activities.

Clean up Clutter

People who have a disorganized home may also be disorganized at work. The best thing for individuals to do is clean up a play area or work area. This can be done by taking ten minutes in the morning when coffee is brewing or before the workday officially begins.